Woman finds card containing $500, tracks down owners

A Connecticut woman who found a card containing $500 on the ground enlisted the help of a friend’s mother to track down the owners.

Gabrielle Perry, 23, said she was going out to dinner with friends in South Norwalk when she spotted an enveloped card on the ground in the parking lot of the Maritime Aquarium.

Perry said the envelope, which also contained $500 cash, was addressed to “Reverend Dennis.”

“The outside said, ‘Thank you for marrying us,’ and then the inside was a really sweet, heartfelt note to the reverend, and it seemed like they knew each other for a really long time,” Perry told News 12.

Perry said the card was signed “From Christina and Dave,” without any last names.

“That’s when I contacted my friend’s mom who’s good at searching for people online,” Perry said.

Her friend’s mother went online and found a couple with matching first names whose wedding was scheduled for July 11, the day after Perry’s discovery.

The wedding registry for Christina Ulreich-Kean and David Kean led to Ulreich-Kean’s LinkedIn profile, where they were able to connect.

“I got married on July 11 and it was a beautiful day,” Ulreich-Kean said. “The thing that dampened the morning was when I found out that the gift we had given our reverend who was performing the ceremony had been lost the night before at our rehearsal dinner.”

Perry met with the couple to return the card and cash to be passed on to the reverend.

“It was incredible that she even saw the cash and wanted to return it. … That they went to so much trouble to find us was just really incredible,” Ulreich-Kean said.