Sweet or tangy potato salad by Marie Mitchell

I’m a big fan of potatoes. Their versatility, the fact they can be made into a chip – my Achilles heel – and their ability to be the star of the show or sit comfortably as part of many a meal. So I’ve always felt short changed when it comes to potato salads laden with mayonnaise or salad cream. If you haven’t heard me mention it before, I’m not a fan: I’m certain there’s mayo trauma there from a past life.

This led me to make my own white condiment mix but with cheese instead, and I was very happy about it (you can swap the feta for vegan feta).

This is a quick and simple recipe to be eaten as part of a smorgasbord; perfect for picnics or barbecues, it is season appropriate. If you would rather serve this with a main meal, eat it with pan-fried salmon or an omelette with fried or caramelised onions if you have the time, with mushrooms for additional flair and lots of your favourite greens.

If you prefer your dishes with a hint of sweetness, use the mascarpone, but if you like things with a hint of tartness, then yoghurt is your friend. I enjoy being a little extra, so often split the quantities and make both.

Serves 6
new potatoes 1kg, washed and halved
feta or vegan feta 200g (if using vegan feta, omit the olive oil, unless you want a looser mixture)
natural yoghurt 120ml or 160g mascarpone
spring onions 8, washed, green stem removed and roughly chopped
olive oil 20ml
pickled chilli 4 tsp, chopped (I like Brindisa’s guindilla chillies)
black pepper ½ tsp
salt to taste

Wash the potatoes and halve them. Boil in salted water until cooked. Drain and reserve in a medium mixing bowl.

Place the feta, yoghurt or mascarpone, spring onions, olive oil, chilli and black pepper in a small food processor. Blend until smooth, this should take about 5 minutes; you want to make sure you can easily coat the potatoes.

Add the feta mix to the potatoes and make sure they are evenly coated. Serve immediately or cool and serve later.