About Us

CHOPS Jobs, Inc. is a local culinary recruitment company for job seekers and employers in the food, beverage and hospitality industry. Our mission is to help local employers find qualified talent, equip job seekers with career and networking opportunities at local restaurants, and provide a wealth of resources that will benefit both job seekers and employers in the culinary industry.

Our company values community, and believes that being immersed in the local food industry allows us to make strong connections between job seekers and employers.

Our vision is to become a one-stop-shop for culinary employment in the Orange County, Los Angeles, Inland Empire & San Diego areas.

Meet the Founder & CEO – Stacy Sato

Stacy Sato has been around the employment industry for 25+ years. She began her career in recruiting, and in the late 1990’s she founded Career Giant, the first career website for job seekers and employers in Hawaii. Through this venture, she built a solid reputation as an employment expert – writing career articles for the Honolulu Advertiser, organizing large state-wide job fairs and conducting employment seminars at career events. As a result of her successful business, Sato was honored as one of the “Top Forty Under 40” leaders in the state of Hawaii in 2000.

In addition to recruiting, Sato also worked in education, having served as the Director of Career Services and eventually Campus Dean at a local career college. Her most recent role was Co-Owner at a local culinary school, which she helped launch at its inception.

Sato is finally coming full circle with the launch of CHOPS Jobs, Inc., utilizing her experience in recruiting and her passion for the local culinary industry. Sato says, “while working at the culinary school, many chefs and restaurant owners would tell me how difficult it is to find and retain good talent. In addition, those wanting to become a cook didn’t have the connections or resources to get started. It was obvious that there needed to be a local employment resource to fill this gap.”

Sato says that CHOPS plans to start in Orange County and eventually expand to Los Angeles, Inland Empire and San Diego, where many local restaurants have additional locations. “We want to be known as a one-stop-shop for culinary employment in the local area”.

When Sato isn’t working, she’s eating. You’ll likely find her dining out at restaurants, playing home chef in her own kitchen, attending local food events or traveling to other countries on her annual foodie adventure trips. Connect with her at: [email protected].