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Meet the Founder & Owner of B. toffee – Betsy Thagard!

Betsy Thagard

For as long as she can remember, Betsy Thagard had a passion for creating unique gifts for family and friends, and that gift happened to be toffee. In 2010, she turned her love for toffee into a business, which is now known as “B. toffee”. She didn’t have a culinary degree or professional experience – […]

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Meet Lori Reich – Owner of Little Onion Mexican Restaurant


If you grew up in the South Bay area, you may have remembered the Little Onion in Hawthorne. It was the place to go if you wanted good, authentic, Mexican food. Fast forward to 2017, and their food and reputation are still the same. For this interview, we caught up with Lori Reich, owner of […]

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