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10 Restaurant Interview Questions


A recent survey in an Entrepreneurial Chef group forum asked restaurant managers, “When you’re interviewing a potential employee, what’s a question you always ask and why?” While there are the common interview questions, such as “tell me about yourself” and “why should we hire you”, there are also specific interview questions that are often asked […]

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5 Tips for a Successful Apprenticeship

cutting meat

If you are thinking about culinary school or currently attending, one of the best opportunities you can take advantage of is the apprenticeship. Most culinary schools offer an apprenticeship program, where you are given the opportunity to work at the school’s on-site restaurant and/or bakery, or at an off-site restaurant, bakery or hotel where they […]

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How to Stand Out at a Job Fair

job fair

Going to a job fair? Here are 10 tips to help you stand out: Research Before the job fair even begins, try to obtain a list of companies that will be participating. Go to the organizer’s website or call the organizer to see if you can obtain a copy. Once you have a list, highlight […]

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The Skinny on References

references sheet

Here’s the skinny on references. Yes, you need them. No, you don’t need to send your reference sheet with your resume. To delve deeper into the topic of references, read on: Who you should list as references: 3-5 contacts should be sufficient. You should list at least 1 former supervisor from each job you’ve held […]

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Land Your Next Job by Following These 10 Steps


So you’re looking for a job and you landed an interview. Maybe it’s your first interview or maybe it’s your tenth. You will feel more confident going into the interview by following these 10 steps: 1. Do Your Research  Know something about the restaurant, bar and/or hotel prior to the interview. One question that employers […]

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5 Culinary Careers You May Not Have Thought About

Unique culinary careers

Some people are interested in landing their first job as a cook, but there are other culinary careers to consider that you may not have thought about. From craft brewing to food law, there are a wide range of jobs available inside and outside of the kitchen. Recipe Developer As the food landscape grows more […]

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Top Traits Chefs Look for when Hiring Cooks

hiring cooks

What do chefs look for when hiring cooks at their restaurant? While there are a myriad of soft skills and technical skills that are important, these are the top 10 traits that rank high on the list. 1. Passion When they ask how you got into this profession, does your voice raise with excitement while […]

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10 Tips to Landing Your First Job as a Cook

Land Your First Cook Job

Your lifelong dream is to become a chef in your own restaurant but first, how do you break into the food industry as an entry-level cook? While there is no guaranteed way to land your first job, there are a few tips to help make your job search easier. 1. Research Thoroughly Start your job […]

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