Top 10 Take-Aways from Inbound 2017

in round 17

We attended Inbound 2017 in Boston this week and thought we’d share our “Top 10 Take-Aways” for employers, business owners and sales/marketing executives. Inbound is a sales, marketing & leadership conference organized by Hubspot. This sold-out event has 20,000 attendees, 300 sales, marketing and leadership workshops to choose from, and incredible keynote speakers such as Michelle Obama, Brene Brown, Billie Jean King & Mario Batali, just to name a few!

Info on this conference can be found at here. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, business owner or sales & marketing executive, there are many tips and strategies that you will walk away with. Here are our Top 10, which are not new concepts but great reminders.

Top 10 take-always from #INBOUND17:

1. Be authentic.

This was a consistent theme throughout the conference. Your customers want to know who’s behind the name, the brand, etc. Get out there and be real. Be yourself. Tell your story.

2. Show empathy.

Put yourself in your customers shoes. What are their problems and how can you solve them?

3. Respond quickly.

If you don’t respond to requests or problems immediately, your customers will call someone else.

4. Show enthusiasm.

Customers want to align themselves with a winning company and people who love what they do. They can spot passion a mile away.

5. Provide value.

Customers will buy your service or product because they believe you can solve their problem. Give them more than what they think they’re going to get.

6. People vs. Product.

Customers will generally buy from a person first, and a product second.

7. Know what you’re good at.

Know your strengths and hire people who have the strengths that you don’t. That’s how you create a winning team.

8. Enable others to act.

Create a spirit of collaboration. Encourage others to provide input and ideas. Let them be part of the plan or solution.

9. Be seen everywhere.

Visibility enhances credibility. When people consider doing business with you, they’ll Google you, check your Yelp reviews, your LinkedIn recommendations, etc. Make sure you can be found and that your reputation is stellar.

10. Ask yourself – would you do business with yourself?

If not, adjust your strategy. Clients want to know one thing – will they WIN with you?” Be the WINNER!